mercoledì 11 gennaio 2012

my first post in my first blog...

Hi everybody,
I've finally decided to create a blog and to dedicate it to my best passion: the photography.
How you can imagine by reading the title these are my first blog and my first post,
so I'm a newbie and please be patient :)
My name is Alessandro (Alle for friends), I live in Italy and I've just finished my course of study in civil engineering.
I'd like to use this blog to insert some of my shot and graphics work.
I hope this can be useful to keep my (bad) English trained and to have a vision of future improvements.
Finally I hope to do something pleasing to you.
P.S. Yes, my girlfriend Monica and I like playing Little Big Planet! ;) 


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  1. Benvenuto nel mondo dei blog e degli appassionati di fotografia ;)